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Our loyal customers may ask “What is it EASINE? We never heared of it.” “Are EASINE belongs to ILIFE or it’s just a new brand?”
We get asked about these two questions a lot. Well, generally speaking, EASINE is the sub brand of ILIFE, we mainly focus on handheld cleaning products including Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Steam Mop, Handheld Vacuum Cleaner etc.
However, although we still belongs to ILIFE group,EASINE wants more from that. We are more dedicated into the whole cleaning experience, we want our users to get involved into clean activities, make cleaning easier and lots of fun as pointed to EASINE Brand Slogan:‘’Make Life Easier”.

EASINE has four different product lines as it is today.
Cordless Vacuum Cleaner : G, H Series
Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: M Series
Steam Cleaner: S Series
Wet&Dry Vacuum Cleaner: W Series
Cordless Vacuum Cleaner product line is the main reason why EASINE is created.
ILIFE group was seeking new business opportunity in 2020 since we only have robotic vacuum product line. In this case, why not use our experience on robotic vacuum to create products that   have good quality at the same time keep price cost friendly. We found out that Cordless Vacuum Cleaner still has huge room to improve regarding quality/price so we tried to publish one product to test the water, see the market feedback which is “H70”. The result really surprised us. H70 was sold out like a sudden, our customers kept telling us “they want to buy H70,when H70 are available to buy again.” so we had to expedite the production. As a result, EASINE was created , becomes ILIFE sub brand.

What makes EASINE different 

Between us and other Cordless Vacuum brand, we have ILIFE as our backup. We share every resource , that gives us a huge startup benefit. Furthermore,we want to surpass ILIFE as EASINE keeps growing, not only defines as ILIFE sub brand.
What we want to accomplish?
Robotic vacuum is rarely new to the market throughout the entire cleaning device history.
On the other hand, vacuum cleaner has been played a major role in the long term.
ILIFE as an intelligent cleaning company, not only should focus on Robotic/Automatic products, but also need to explore some different areas such as traditional cleaning devices.
We try to put intelligence as key factor into traditional cleaning device to forge into new category product line.
EASINE team are full of people with passion and desire to make our customer enjoy life ,make their life easier. We promise we will make every effort to develop new technology, releasing top the line quality as well as budget friendly products. 
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Media Reports
06/10 2021
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