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Make Shining Life Easier----- Provide More Distinctive Products to help You Discover What Makes You Special.


Brand Story:

Easine is a brand that is committed to providing special, practical and health-care home electronic products for each special you. Our product lines include but are not limited to eye-caring lamps, smart home appliances etc.

In the past few years, our group has expanded the business to more than 40 countries and regions including Asia, Europe, America etc.,helping millions of families around the world to create a clean living environment. We found that many home brands are providing various of products in the market, but these products may not satisfy young users very well, as they are the Generation Z. They advocate independence and the pursuit of individualism. This drives us to research, develop, and produce more distinctive as well as high-quality products for them.

The young generation loves life, pursues individualism, and has willingness to take responsibility. That’s consistent with our values, so we are willing to provide products and service for them to make their shining life easier.

In the future, we will remain curious and teachable and we won’t stop questioning and learning to provide more to surprise our users. At the same time, together with our customers, we will take more social responsibilities.