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Professional LED Piano Lamp Eye-Caring , Piano Bankers Light with Metronome

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*Large angle adjustment.
*Soft light eye protection, no stroboscopic, anti-blue light.
*Comes with a metronome, there are a variety of beat types.
*Suitable for learning various musical instruments, homework study, task lighting, home lighting.

Free Shipping in USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain

Professional Music Lighting-Piano Lighting

30 light levels schemes to choose from: 5 light modes times 6 brightness levels to adjust the change of natural light, color temperature can be adjusted freely from 2700K to 5700K, CIR>90 rendering true restore color, you can choose any preferred piano learning lighting, Quickly use 2 seconds to customize favorite light, big weight is stable but hurtless for your treasure piano. Works in Every Corner of Your Home: You can buy it for your classical piano, grand piano, electric piano, and most orchestral instruments.

Triple Protection for your eyes - No glare and flicker

The first protection, using, 72 high quality LED lights, fully illuminates and saves energy. The second protection adds a shade design that perfectly illuminates the 88 keys on the piano through all angles, and also just right to block the harsh light. The third protection light is evenly distributed from top to bottom, illuminating from left to right..

Adjustable height and direction①The light direction can be adjusted up and down by 60°. ② The hight can be adjusted up and down by 90°. Can support a variety of heights, no matter what Angle of light you need to complete.

20 inch tubes, specially designed for professional music piano lighting ① Designed to evenly illuminate each of 88 keys on your piano. ② It is extremely wide with over 20 Inchs(50cm) lighting panel to fully cover every corner.

Learn other instruments: It is not only a piano light, but also a light with a metronome. Benefiting from the variety of beats included,  this lamp and metronome is a great companion for learning piano.

The light guide plate is soft light for eye protection, it only illuminates the keyboard and desktop, while ensuring that the screen does not reflect glare. Soft, even light helps relieve eye fatigue and protects eye health.

It's heavy and stable, but it's a harmless bottom counterweight. Buffering cushion not only makes the piano light and rock-solid on the piano but also minimizes sound resonance, guaranteeing the integrity of your music.

Flicker-free, Auti-blue light, anti-glare, thus less damage to eyes. The packaging is safe, the use of full-wrap packaging reduces accidents during transportation, and the 1.5m ultra-long adapter is a gift for yourself and a great surprise for family and friends.

What's  in the box

Paxking List

Piano Lamp with Metronome * 1

Power Adapter * 1 (1.5m)

User Manual  * 1

Greeting Cards from Easine   * 1


Model NO. : ES-PL01

RA ≥ 92

Power : 14W

Color : Black

Weight : 5.1kg (N.W.)

Color Temperature : 2700K-5700K

Material :Aluminium alloy and plastics

Dimension of box : 539 * 113.5 * 425mm 

Function : 5 steps dimmable + 6 steps CCT

Power : 14WVoltage : AC100-240V /10V1.2A

Customers Testimonials

Amber D.

Very elegant, the dimmer switch is perfect to set the tone of the atmosphere

Dolce Lynn

I have a Yamaha P22 Studio Upright, 45” tall, and I figured this lamp would be very good with this piano. Yes, it is perfect! I have no issue with the lights shining in my eyes. These lights shine on the music! I 

J. Kuo

Perfect height, doesn't block anything on top of the piano. It lights directly onto the music. The dimmer switch is great as it makes it brighter/less bright, depending on my needs at different times of the day/evening. It looks sleek, doesn't take away from the view of the piano and I just restored an antique piano so wanted nothing obtrusive to see when looking at the piano. It's the best piano light I've ever had.


New Design & New Experience

Newly upgraded polydispersion film for more concentrated brightness. With the advanced polydisperse film material, the light is 20% brighter while reducing the graininess between lamp beads. What's more, the light is concentrated in an area 30° below the light-emitting surface.

Unique Musical Mate

Add a metronome section to the light, containing a variety of different beats to support you in contacting various styles of tunes. 

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