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Why we need a piano lamp?

Why we need a piano lamp?

Piano keys are black and white spaced stripes, known as gratings, which are more irritating to the eyes. Combined with the densely packed sheet music, it can be a double whammy to the eyesight. When you play the piano, your fingers are moving and your body is shaking, so your eyes have to stare at the music closely and intensely, constantly adjusting your eye ciliary muscles to align the focus. If there is not enough light in this situation, it is easier to increase the risk of myopia due to visual fatigue.

When practicing piano, the player usually needs to look at the music and the keys at the same time, so the piano lighting needs not only to illuminate the music evenly, but also to cover all 88 keys. The illumination of the music is guaranteed to reach 500lux, the illumination of the edge of the keys is 300lux, and the light is able to reach the standard of book reading and meet the national regulations of illumination. Professional piano lights do not produce excess light, reducing the glare caused by irradiating the bright surface of the piano. The special light angle design ensures that there will be no light shining directly into the piano player's eyes.

Depending on the form of the piano, there are three main types of piano lights: special for upright pianos, special for grand pianos and special for electronic pianos. Regardless of the structure of the piano light, it should be stable standing or mounted on the piano to avoid the sound caused by the vibration when playing.