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How should we choose piano lights?

How should we choose piano lights?

First of all, we should pay attention to safety, preferably through the national mandatory safety standards for lamps and lanterns, and after the international safety certification, non-toxic non-radiation hazards of piano lights. Secondly, the design, the lamp should be accurate counterweight, the lamp base should have protective pads, not easy to fall over and will not damage the piano. The last is practicality, choose to have a multi-color temperature, brightness adjustment, for the piano to create a different light atmosphere, to meet the piano player different time, mood use. Automatic switch light is also very important, children do not have the awareness to turn on the light, and the piano light position is high children are not easy to open, automatic switch can be automatically opened when people enter the seat, people leave after the automatic off.

In addition, when choosing a piano light, you can pay attention to whether there is automatic adjustment and memory mode. We live in the sense that it is difficult to judge how bright the light is enough, and the surrounding environment light continues to change, so the piano light needs to be automatically adjusted to the right light in real time, with automatic adjustment of the piano light is more convenient to use. The memory mode can remember the user's common mode according to their different playing light preferences, so they don't have to readjust it every time they play the piano.

In addition to choosing a professional piano light, in the specific use, you should also pay attention to the brightness is not too high or too low, adjust the angle of the lamp to avoid direct light on the eyes or hitting the piano to produce glare, to avoid the inappropriate use, injury to the eyes to deepen myopia.